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The Way 1-to-1 Skype Spoken English Class Works

How our Skype Spoken English Class works? We have developed the best English lesson model for 1-to-1 Skype Spoken English Class. All our Skype spoken English classes, including English Conversation Course, Business English Course and Exam-Preparation English Course at, are structured to improve your spoken English very efficiently. Of course, you can also request customized Skype Spoken English Class or curriculum to fit your specific requirements. Please let us know if this is your case.

Here you can learn How our Skype Spoken English Class Works and our English Lesson Plan.

1. Study useful English Expressions in advance and Practice English Writing Skills

  • Useful English expressions will be posted on our Facebook page,
    Read aloud and try to memorize them before your English class.

    Facebook of LiveEnglishClass

  • You can practice your English writing skills at the English Writing menu of My Page of our site. Our Online English Teachers will review your English writings and give advice and grammar corrections. If you work to improve your English writing every day, your English will in turn become more accurate very quickly.

2. Practice Spoken English in your Skype Spoken English Class with our English Teachers

  • At your Skype Spoken English Class start time you booked on the Class Booking menu of My Page, you and your  English Teacher will log on to Skype. Your  English Teacher  will work with you to review and practice the  English expressions  you learned, and provide new practice and lesson instruction and guidance. 
    ing play
    Live Class New Expression
    At the beginning of your every spoken English class, you are supposed to learn a new expression. Kind explanation from our teachers must help you memorize it.
  • You will receive accompanying course materials based on your  English Level Test and your spoken English class. See the list of our textbook here. Your  online English Teacher  will use a combination of oral and written instructions to interact with you during your English class. (The Skype chat window will be used to provide written materials)
    ing play
    Live Class: Coursebook
    In this real class, after reading a dialogue of a textbook, the teacher is che- ering the student to talk about the dialogue. With a good listener, you can practise and improve English speaking.

3. Lesson Report and Regular Evaluation

  • After each lesson, your English Teacher provides English Lesson Report about your each English Class rega-
    rding your English grammar, English pronunciation and other items covered in your class. You can also down-
    load audio files of all your Skype Spoken English Classes.
  • By regularly reviewing your past classes, you can easily track your improvement and progress and determine which areas you still need to improve on.

Lesson Plan for Spoken English Classes