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Skype Business English Class & Job Interview Course

Why you need to take our Skype Business English Class?
What our Skype Business English Class Covers

Business English & Job Interview Course
Skype Business English Class
& Job Interview Course

Business English & Job Interview Course

Our world is getting closer and people can talk over the internet freely. This means our business environments are becoming more internationally connected and it is essential that you have good English skills for your jobs and businesses.
The Skype Business English Class at will help your language skills for real business situations, including telephoning, emails, meetings, negotiations and discussions. If you are looking for a new job at present, this Business English Class will bring you a tremendous advantage over the competition. If you are already in a career, you will find that our Skype Business English Speaking Class will assist you in your daily Business dealings, opening gateways to new career possibilities. For the best learning efficiency, we recommend you to take this Skype Business English Class if you achieve at least the Intermediate Level from our Free English Level Test.
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Sample Skype Business English Classes

Sample: Practising real business situation
You are supposed to practise various business situations.
Our teachers will give you advices about your speaking on objective point of view.

The textbook for this Skype Business English Class was created by people with many years of corporate experience and by people who actually use Business English on an everyday basis, helping you to directly apply what you learned from this Skype Business English Class.
We've tried to make these topics as diverse as possible to give our students a chance to practice both Business English grammar and vocabulary.


Job Interview Sample Classes

Sample 1: Practising real job interview questions
In this Live job interview lesson, our teacher is asking a question
as if it was a real interview and the student is practising how to respond.
Sample 2: Testing how to respond to interview questions
After listening carefully to your responses, our teachers will give you tips
and advices about your interview skills so that you can improve them.

There are more chances to work in a global company and you may need to communicate only in English.
That is why many students want to practise and improve their English job interview skills.
Our Job Interview Course is provided to satisfy your needs.
You can practise how to respond various English interview questions and finally get a good job.

  • 1. Basic Interview Questions
  • 2. School Related Interview Questions
  • 3. Work Related Interview Questions
  • 4. Miscellaneous Interview Questions