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1-to-1 Skype Spoken English Lessons

The Secret of American and British Children?

  • Do you know why 3 year-old children in English speaking countries already speak English fluently?
    Let’s think back to how you learned your first language. Yes - it is because the kids have been surrounded by English speaking people all their life!
    This means that it is very important for you to have more chances to learn English by interacting with English speakers – and this is the right answer for
    how to learn English. Briefly speaking, this is our answer to the question, how to learn English.
  • According to linguists, a person must invest at least two thousand hours in learning English in order to speak fluently. Therefore, assuming one hour per day of practicing English, it may take 5~6 years to be fluent in English. For someone who already has some knowledge of the English language it may be much quicker, i.e. 1~3 years.
  • Many people want to know how to learn English. There is no magic potion to becoming fluent in English or improve English speaking skills overnight. Our answer to how to learn English is, combined with your diligent effort, to practice with the patient and caring English Teachers

Why you need Skype Spoken English Lessons?

  • Our Skype Spoken English Lessons are a very popular option. Generally, it is useful to practice English through audio-only experience with your English teachers. Working without face-to-face cues, gestures and body language can help you adapt more quickly to the experience of speaking English naturally. 
  • That is how you learn Skype Spoken English Lessons at and why we are here for you. By speaking English over Skype, paying particular attention to pronunciation, new vocabulary, grammar structures, and common expressions of the English language with our best  Online English Teachers, our students find that they come to speak English much more quickly. The more you experience our Skype Spoken English Lessons, the more you develop your English speaking skills. 

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