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1-to-1 English Speaking Level Test with Skype English Tutors

1-to-1 English Speaking Level Test with Skype English Tutors

Learn your English speaking ability!

Our 1-to-1 Free English Level Test with Skype English Tutors is done 1 on 1 by our experienced Skype English Tutors.
This test will help you understand your English proficiency and let you know suggested next steps in order to advance in your English studies.
The English Level Test with Skype English Tutors will also help us determine your English level and prepare the best Skype English Class for you.
You can Book your Skype English Class now by skipping this step. In this case, the English Level Test with Skype English Tutors will be provided for free before your class begins.

Try 1-to-1 Free Test with Skype English Tutors Now!

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Learn your English Speaking Ability with 1-to-1 English Live Test
In a relaxed atmosphere, our teacher is explaining to a level test applicant
how the test will proceed before he starts the test.
The test consists of three parts; speaking test questions, comprehension skill and grammar skill test.

Our experienced teachers gauge your English level by asking and talking about topics. But don't worry, this is not an exam.
This is to understand what level you are and how we need to teach.
The test will be done in a very friendly atmosphere.
After testing and reviewing your English, we will send you an email including our assessment about your English and our suggestions for you – a summary of your learning plan for speaking English.

The English Speaking Level Test evaluates your English scientifically in the following five areas and scores according to the scale below.

1. Comprehension / Listening

How well you understand questions asked Your ability to grasp what a speaker wants to say

2. Speaking / Fluency

How well you express what you want and describe.
Your ability to cope with any situation in English conversation.

3. Pronunciation

How well you pronounce each word correctly.
How well you apply stress & syllables in your spoken English.

4. Vocabulary

How well you adopt proper words in your expression
Diversities of vocabularies you adopt in your English speaking.

5. Grammar

How well you understand English grammar
How correctly you compose sentences in your spoken English.