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Skype English Tutors for Skype English Class is established to recruit the best Skype English Tutors. is a multi-national ESL company based in San Francisco, USA for its English course designs and in Seoul, South Korea for its system and in Manila, Philippines for its ESL center.

To convey American standard English education service at a reasonable price, our teaching center is in the Philippines which is one of the the world's famous countries in English education. You may come to know about why our ESL is located in this country by reading this article from BBC: Article about ESL industry.

Our Skype English Tutor network consists of more than 200 teachers. This assures that we can be sure to find a Skype English Tutor that suits your particular needs and tastes.

Here are a few of Skype English Tutors, who want to tell you their story and share some learning experiences. The best way to learn about our Skype English Tutors is to try our Free English Level Test.

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    Teacher Archie
    I’m Tutor Archie. I have been an English teacher for almost 13 years because I love teaching. I would love to teach you all the things I know about English. Enroll now and let's have fun while studying and enhancing your English
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    Teacher Jules
    Hi everyone! This is Skype English Tutor Jules. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Education majoring in English. I’ve been teaching English for almost 10 years now. Being an ESL teacher, I’ve had a lot of experiences in teaching.
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    Teacher Ivy
    I have been Skype English Tutor for almost six years now. I really try to make you learn my best English skills. Communicating with other people with different nationalities is fun.
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    Teacher Ana
    I’m Skype English Tutor Ana. I always do my best to make the lessons informative and most of all worthwhile for my students. For me sincerity and dedication are very important aside from knowledge of the subject.

We constantly monitor the quality of our Skype English Class to ensure only the best learning experience for your requirements. In order to meet your specific learning desires and goals, our skilled Skype English Tutors will design every English Class to enable our students to learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Skype English Tutors have various teaching styles because they are humans. But they all have the common important qualities as experienced teachers to listen to their students' every word and motivate them to speak and practise English.

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    Live Class: Lesson Style 1
    In this real class, after reading a dialogue of a textbook, the teacher is cheering the student to talk about the dialogue. With a good listener, you can practise and improve English speaking
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    Live Class: Lesson Style 2
    The teacher is explaining the meaning of words that his student is asking him about. Our teachers are ready to kindly explain anything about English.

We invest a lot of time and our utmost energy to ensure you will be happy with any teacher you select. You also have the opportunity to change your Online English Teacher anytime – so that you are always happy with your experience. We understand your high standards, especially when it relates to making the most important investment of your valuable time and money.

Here's how we qualify our online English teachers:

  • We only work with experienced Online English Teachers with at least one year of prior teaching experience.
  • We test and train our Online English Teachers intensively.
  • To ensure the best English classes at all times, we regularly monitor our English Classes to ensure utmost class quality.

By Booking one of our English Classes or taking our Free English Level Test, you can learn how our Online English Tutors teach students in General English Classes, Business English Classes and Exam-Preparation English Classes.