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How to use Skype for Skype English Class

How to create my Skype ID?
How to start Skype English Class
How to get a Skype call by my mobile phone

How to use Skype for Skype English Class

Skype is a free program from Microsoft which enables you to have a call over internet with people everywhere in the world for free.
That's why LiveEnglishClass gives information about How to use Skype for Skype English Class. Follow the below instructions about how to use it.

You need to have the following equipments to use Skype:

1) A computer with a fast, broadband internet connection, or a smartphone connected to the internet from which you can communicate
with your English teacher over the SKYPE application.
2) A built-in microphone or headset. (You can buy them from, or from your local computer store)

1. Download Skype

  • 1) Download the Skype program on your computer: Click here to download Skype.
    2) Download the Skype App on your smart phone:
    Search [Skype] at Google Play Store or Apple App Store with your smart phone.

  • 2. Create your Skype ID

    Run the Skype program and
    1) Click [Create an account]. You will move to a page for this.
    2) Click [Skype Name] as described No.2 in the below picture.

  • 3. Log on to Skype

    Log on to Skype with your Skype ID
    which you created in the No.2 step.

  • 4. Test your mic and speaker

    1) Click [Echo Sound Test Service]
    2) [Call] button.

  • 5. Add your teacher's Skype ID to your contact list

    Our teachers will send Contact Request by Skype. To accept this,
    1) Click [Contact Request]
    2) Click [Add to Contacts]

  • 6. Receiving a Skype call

    Our teachers will call you by Skype at your class time.
    1) Click [Answer].
    2) Click [Call] if you want to make a call after selecting a person

  • 7. Message (Text chatting)

    If you don't understand your teacher's sayings, say "Please, type your
    saying". Your teacher would type it in the Skype message window.