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Kids English Speaking Course
Skype Kids English Lessons

Skype Kids English Lessons

Children usually learn a new language faster than adults because their brains are working to learn how to function and communicate for daily life.
It is important, however, to introduce children to a new language, while at the same time taking care that they are advancing well in their mother tongue, and not becoming confused.
Our Skype English Teachers are trained to be sensitive to the speciffc requirements of children when they learn a new language, and we prepared customized textbooks and curricula just for our young students.


Sample Class

Sample: Customized Skype Kids English Lessons for Kids
The teacher in this class is slowing down her speaking speed and trying to avoid boring lessons
while correcting the kid's broken English.

Children at Beginning Stage of Skype Kids English Lessons

Our beginner level child students start to learn basic vocabularies which are very useful in daily life.
They will practice and become familiar with English pronunciation and syllables.
In this stage, our English teachers work to keep English lessons fun an interesting in order to help our young students maintain their eagerness to learn English.

Children at Middle Stage of Skype Kids English Lessons

At this stage, kids can learn how to make basic English sentences using their new vocabulary.
They will build confidence while interacting in English with their English teachers.
As kids practice English, they become prepared for learning advanced English.

Children at Advanced Stage of Skype Kids English Lessons

Advanced level kids can speak English fluently and they need someone with whom they can practise English.
If they live in an English spoken country, it is okay but if not, they may encounter problems to keep their English. Our Skype English Tutors can help them practise English wherever the kids live.